This project has certainly been my most treasured as the client was none other than my younger brother, Shehzad Vasi. His brief was to create a warm and luxurious high end space where he can relax as well as entertain. To begin with, I incorporated his concept of exposure and design sensibility onto my sketch board. We drew inspiration from Shehzad's character and created an edgy, angular and luxurious interior with a smart choice of materiality and state of the art electronics. Keeping the colour palate achromatic, we played with the inherent properties of the materials. Using reflective and refractive surfaces, black was visually given depth with black mirror and stark high gloss lamination paint finishes, whereas white was finished in a matt PU paint. The oak veneer wooden paneling was enveloped along the corner walls and ceiling using principals of origami and facets. The ceiling installation module is a modern adaptation of a chandelier which was strategically designed to form task lights.  In addition, the angular customized furniture cohesively complemented the space. To create a juxtapositon in the space, the bed was adorned with patterned and textured soft furnishings from Bandit Queen. For the flooring, I used acoustic cork planks from Wicanders, Portugal. Over and above, the space proved to be a reflection of the fast paced lives of today's young and ambitious entrepreneurs who need a space to unwind and what better than calling it home.