Three families – three design sensibilities. We were challenged with creating a different look for each brother of a renowned developer family in Mumbai. 

As the Interior Designer, we need to reflect the owner’s design preferences and inputs. A home is a space which you call your own with pride. When you entertain in your home, your guests should perceive the space as an extension of your taste resonating from all things present to weave the space together. Having said that, we believe in guiding our clients to make the right choices and create avenues to execute various ideas and creatively deliver the best version of their imagination. 

Taking into account that clients are well informed and well-travelled today, the world is better connected to international trends where a confluence of ideas satisfies the client’s taste. 

Overall, the form and colours share a sense of desire and pleasure. Mixed metals, silk, parchment and other artisanal elements add luxurious detail to this avante garde aesthetic.  Lush neutrals and rich metallic detailing create a spirited vibe to this space. 

With an eclectic approach, the space has come together with the juxtaposition of modern lines with soft silhouettes to bring a stylish complexity and luxe balance to the bedrooms. The result yields the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication.