When the family first approached us, they had a modest vision to renovate their existing home. They wanted a fresh look with the studio’s signature creative infusions. Little did we know then, that we would end up altering the layout of the home with adding new touchdown spaces and breaking walls to create more room.

The space evokes understated glamour with its neutral tones and reflective surfaces. The resultant elegant interior resonate class when the elements are balanced to add an intelligent perspective to the home. Each space should have a story to tell which is spun from the various interior features, furniture and materials.

We wanted to create an eclectic theme with modern lines infused with a rich colour palate. A single design concept can be boring and superfluous for a large residence space. It was intentionally decided to create different colour schemes in each room to create a variation for the client. However, certain elements like the straight edge design, stone and metal accents were carried along the various areas to create harmony and a sense of continuity. Adding layers of materials, texture and pattern result in an enhanced perception of warmth and connect to the interiors. It is important to dig deep and explore to create the perfectly balanced material combination for each space. Sometimes, being adventurous and having mismatched pieces can end up becoming the focus of the room.