The brief was to blend hints of Indian elements into our signature modern designs. I believe following a trend solely is transitional and it needs to be infused with timeless elegant design choices for it to be appreciated even after years. This home can be termed as eclectic when described by and large. I have used straight line modern designs with an international colour palate and locally available Indian materials.

We used a lot of white to achieve a fresh look with a better play of light infiltration and dramatic shadows. Each client of mine comes to me knowing my affinity of using white cleverly in a space. It helps you decide which face of the room you want to visually enlarge. White marble floors, white textured walls, white minimalistic 3d tiles or even the white textured wallpapers. The uses are endless of this neutral yet imperative colour.

For the daughter’s bedroom, we created a traditional ornate four poster bed to lean towards a Victorian theme but contrasted it with herringbone wooden flooring. The concept was to balance feminine colours with masculine structural elements. The master bedroom has a custom embossed 3d parametric bedback designed for the clients which masks the heavy texture without it overwhelming the space. In addition, the grills, inlay floors and custom jhoola are other areas we scored on this project.